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At The MORE Life Collective, we believe that real change begins with personal accountability and embracing challenges. 

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Meet Barbara Majeski

Step into a world filled with empowerment and growth, inspired by the remarkable journey of our Founder, Barbara Majeski - an Accountability Expert, Global Curator of the Goodlife, Business Woman,  and Entrepreneur! Despite being a cancer survivor, she refused to let it defeat her. Instead, she emerged stronger and more determined to create a community that uplifts and supports individuals like you.


Is Now Yours! 

Through her own experiences, Barbara discovered personal accountability and its transformative effects. She embraced the philosophy of owning her life and designed a community empowering others to do the same. The MORE Life Collective is not your typical self-help or coaching program. We believe in the power of a supportive community that thrives on personal accountability and growth. We've curated a unique environment where like-minded individuals unite to uplift, inspire, and challenge each other to new heights.

Barbara will guide you through  live challenges , resets, actionable tips, and motivational strategies to help you control your life and create the change you desire.

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"As an entrepreneur and leader, it's easy to put myself last and forget about self-care and personal goals. But The MORE Life Collective's 3•6•5 Accountability Challenge brings me back to the center and reminds me that bringing my best self to any situation benefits everyone. I highly recommend this Challenge to anyone looking to grow and learn in a supportive community."
—Bridget Wenman - Member of The More Life Collective


Water, Walking & Writing!

Kickstart Your Brain Chemicals and Make a Change! The Key Lies In Establishing Non-Negotiable Daily Habits!


We Do It Together!

Our Approach Is Simple...
We Do the Things To Get The Things With The Support Of Our Like-Minded Community!



A Transformative Program Designed To Unlock Your Full Potential & Change Your Life To A New Level Of Success!

"Information Does Not Lead To Transformation, ACTION Does!"

 - Barbara Majeski

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