Meet the Ambassadors

Dora Maria Abreu

Dora Maria Abreu is a passionate tech professional with extensive experience in software engineering, program management, and training, a certified motivational speaker, and trainer/mentor with a passion for technology & education delivery. Outside work, she enjoys music, dance, sports, cinema, & photography.

The MORE Life Collective helped me realize there is more within me! Having two herniated discs in my lower back, I have been scared to do anything that would flare up sciatica & crippling lower back pain. I have realized movement is the key to living my best life with the flexibility to do everything.

Kim Farrar

Kim Farrar is from rural Oklahoma - a 63-year-old wife and mother of three with eight grandchildren and counting! She's a Christian woman who loves to cook, spend time outdoors, sew, crochet, and do handiwork and crafts. 

Last year, Kim faced a 90-day challenge to get back on her feet after spending three months in a wheelchair due to an accident. Though she started small, Kim has since lost over 30 pounds, regained her strength, and continues walking daily. Now as an Ambassador, she works to encourage others to prioritize their health and well-being - one step at a time! 

Joyce-Lyn Altieri

Joyce-Lyn is a beauty and wellness expert with over 30 years of experience. She helps women achieve their full potential by working with their mind, body, and spirit. She encourages people to shift their mindsets through courage and simple strategies to create real change. She inspires people to understand that they are enough and can start living their best lives today. She believes that positive self-talk, grounding, and intentional movement, water are essential for living a happy and fulfilling life. If you are anxious or live with a fear-based mind, let Joyce help you flip the script and feel better now! So you can live with ease and grace.

Debbie Dowling

Debbie is an accomplished Anxiety Strategist specializing in educating women on how to cope, manage, and redirect anxiety. With a bachelor's degree in Psychology, she has developed a wealth of experience handling her anxiety. Debbie employs a diverse range of techniques, including conversational hypnosis. A single mother of five boys and one girl, she puts God and family above all else. Debbie's passion and dedication shine through as an entrepreneur, collaborator, and aspiring motivational speaker. She's also a published contributing author of "Her Badass Story 2" and was a regular staff writer for BWC Daily. Her life's motto revolves around faith, family, and empowerment, guiding her in her many endeavors.

Mary Lynn Wilkin

Mary Lynn is a proud, long-time resident of beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida, where she has worn many hats but with a focus on the mental health industry. Mary Lynn has continuously given back to her community, most recently spending 11 years as a chairperson with a thriving nonprofit serving women and children in Tampa Bay. Mary Lynn's passion is encouraging others through story-sharing and leading conversations on social audio apps. This love of lending her voice taught her to host a podcast, Multi Level Motivation, along with her adult son Miles.

Mary Lynn is a lover of the outdoors and dancing.

Jodi Maida

Jodi Maida has triumphed over significant challenges and emerged as a stronger individual. Through unwavering determination, she overcame cancer, divorce, and various obstacles.

Having embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery, Jodi has achieved tremendous personal growth by nurturing her mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. In addition to her personal triumph, she is passionate about inspiring others. By sharing her story, Jodi aims to motivate others to overcome their challenges and embrace personal growth.

Jodi is passionate about health, fitness, fashion, and home design. She believes in the importance of a balanced lifestyle, encourages others to prioritize their physical and mental wellness, and expresses their unique style and creative pursuits in fashion and home design. Jodi inspires others to cultivate a harmonious and fulfilling life.

Tracy Allison

Tracy Allison Sumpter is a licensed massage therapist with over 20 years of experience. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado and is a certified yoga instructor. Tracy is devoted to guiding others toward holistic well-being through massage therapy, yoga, and sound healing. She also shares insights on wellness as @bodyzenmama. 

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Tracy finds joy as a mother of two, wife, and caregiver for her sister. Throughout her expansive career, Tracy has been in holistic health, striving to foster mind, body, and spirit harmony. Her empathy, expertise, and dedication make her a trusted guide for those seeking healing and personal growth.

Melanie C. Christine

Melanie C. Christine's inspiring life journey shows resilience despite adversity. With an engineering degree, she pursued education in the "School of Hard Knocks," where life's trials became her most significant lessons. She undertook transformative challenges like the 14-Day Reset, 90-Day Holiday Workout, and Summer Series. Melanie defies stereotypes as a mother of six who remains an active horseback rider. She is a real estate entrepreneur, media personality, and public speaker who has addressed 1500+ audiences. 

Melanie transformed trauma into a thriving life after tragic losses, including her infant daughter, teenage son, and husband. Rising from her lowest point to 7-figure assets, her journey proves life's challenges can be stepping stones to greatness. Named in the Top 100 Entrepreneurs by Global Woman's Magazine in 2023, Melanie's impact inspires people to overcome adversity and succeed. Her story embodies the pursuit of health, wealth, and happiness through resilience.

Pam McCloskey

Pam McCloskey, known as Coach Pamskey, is a best-selling author and dynamic speaker with a profound tale of Resilience, Redemption, and Restoration. With over two decades of experience, she empowers businesswomen and mompreneurs from challenging backgrounds to redefine their narratives. Pam's expertise stems from studying with renowned scholars. 

She founded Pamskey's Place, A Virtual Life Learning Center championing self-care rooted in Christian values, emphasizing boundary-setting, rebuilding trust, and combating impostor syndrome. Always attributing her success to God, Pam is a proud mother of three and grandma of three, and has been happily married for 33 years in Lancaster County, Pa. Her mantra: "It is time to Thrive While Alive!" Get her tips on self-care by clicking here.

April Sette

April Sette, in 2018, reached a significant milestone when she turned 50, which triggered a profound awakening in her life. She grew weary of the persistent disappointments stemming from others' lack of accountability and the weight of carrying everything alone. April embarked on a transformation journey, giving up drinking and actively seeking personal growth programs.

April's story evolves as she realizes her happiness is in her hands. She cherishes connecting with like-minded individuals on the continuous journey of life. Significant changes occur through her consistent daily progress. She's learned to fill her cup first.

April invites others to join her on this journey of self-empowerment and growth. As long as we're breathing, she believes positive change is possible.