Workout Challenge
Barbara Majeski 

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The Program
TODAY - Memorial Day

Access to Barbara's Exclusive Member Only Facebook Group! 

Make lasting connections with like-minded individuals who understand your journey. Immerse yourself in an inspiring community with similar dreams and aspirations - it's the perfect place to forge unforgettable friendships!

Daily non-negotiable 30 minutes of exercise! 
Log onto Facebook daily to share your creative way of meeting that fitness goal.

Let's embark on this exciting journey together and ensure you feel encouraged at every step! Success is our shared goal, so let's work towards it hand-in-hand.

What is included:

• Expert coaching and support - Be part of a supportive community where you can confidently achieve your goals. Enjoy access to an experienced team who will provide guidance and motivation throughout your journey.
• Daily challenges - These challenges will help you stay on track and make progress each day. Feel empowered, accomplished, and inspired - all in one!
• Weekly Check-ins - Get the help and motivation you need to achieve your goals! Join us weekly LIVE for check-ins filled with in-depth, inspiring content.
• Giveaways and Incentives - Stay motivated and on track with fantastic giveaways and incentives! Get rewarded for the progress you make as you pursue your goals.
Unlock exclusive content and gain insider knowledge with our bonus features! Tap into the wisdom of celebrity experts to enhance your experience in a whole new way.
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Let's work together to unlock your potential and achieve the goals you set for yourself - no matter how challenging they may be!

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Step up to the challenge of achieving your goals with this must-have bundle

This exclusive bundle includes a luxurious leather-bound journal to help you stay on track and create your desired consistency. Also included is a 32oz water bottle, which allows for easy tracking of hydration intake - AND comes with its built-in fruit infuser, so now drinking the recommended amount can be delicious too! 
Pen down your aspirations, track progress and stay hydrated.

Barbara Majeski

is no stranger to the spotlight. As a popular television personality, she has been featured on the TODAY show, Good Day NY, and New York Live. She has found success in her career and family, raising three children while pursuing her dreams. But her road to happiness has not been easy. 
In 2015 Barbara entered a divorce and was handed a diagnosis with Stage III cancer. During treatment, she vowed that if she beat cancer and got another shot at life, she would live bigger, better, and bolder with true purpose, meaning, and intent. 
Today she is taking everything she learned and helping others achieve their dreams by creating courses that help people overcome doubt and frustration and teaches them how to support their goals and optimize their health, wealth, and happiness.

Ready to make a positive change in your life? Now's the perfect time to invest in yourself and create lasting wellness! 
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Join "The MORE Life Collectives" 90-Day Workout Challenge and start achieving your goals! 

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