The 14-Day Divorce Reset Challenge
Reclaim Your Life - Restore Your Happiness - Rediscover You TODAY!

Barbara Majeski and The exEXPERTS, T.H. Irwin & Jessica Klingbaum

Kickstart 2023 on an empowering journey of renewal and self-discovery! 
Join Barbara Majeski, Jessica Klingbaum, and T.H. Irwin - three courageous individuals who have faced the trials of divorce with fortitude and found their unique paths to success in their wake. This nationwide challenge promises 14 days packed with motivating messages to help you take back your life, reignite your sense of joy, and rediscover yourself anew this New Year's season. Don't wait another moment; seize today as a chance for transformation!
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Get the proven tools & strategies you need to survive & THRIVE during & after your divorce.

This is NOT a quick fix or a band-aid solution. This challenge is about doing the actual work to create lasting change in your life so that you can move on from your divorce stronger than ever before.

Divorce doesn't have to be the end of your story!

What is included:

• Get expert coaching and support-You're not in this alone. You'll have access to a team of experts who will help you through the process every step of the way.
• Daily challenges- These challenges will help you stay on track and make progress each day.
• Access to a supportive community-Connect with people who understand what you're going through and can offer support.
• Learn how to thrive during and after divorce-You don't have to struggle. There are ways to thrive during and after divorce.
• Maximize your life after divorce-Your life doesn't end when your marriage does. You can create a life that you love post-divorce.

Reclaim Your Life - Restore Your Happiness - Rediscover You TODAY!

Begin the healing process now and embark on a new journey with our 14-day Reset

Transform your life today and take that first step toward balance, peace, and health.

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Barbara Majeski

is no stranger to the spotlight. As a popular television personality, she has been featured on the TODAY show, Good Day NY, and New York Live. She has found success in her career and family, raising three children while pursuing her dreams. But her road to happiness has not been easy. 
In 2015 Barbara entered a divorce and was handed a diagnosis with Stage III cancer. During treatment, she vowed that if she beat cancer and got another shot at life, she would live bigger, better, and bolder with true purpose, meaning, and intent. 
Today she is taking everything she learned and helping others achieve their dreams by creating courses that help people overcome doubt and frustration and teaches them how to support their goals and optimize their health, wealth, and happiness.

Jessica Klingbaum

is an Emmy-nominated former TV producer for several national news networks who left the industry to spend more time with her kids after a prestigious 20+ year career. While she found herself pursuing her passions in real estate and essential oils, ultimately becoming a Certified Aromatherapist, she also ended up married and (happily) divorced for the second time. 
As an eternal optimist and someone who always sees the silver lining, Jessica used her experiences to co-found exEXPERTS in 2020, the premiere online digital platform for anyone and everyone touched by divorce. exEXPERTS’ free resources include a website, the Divorce etc...podcast, articles, tips, and advice through social media and live events, all with the mission to support, educate, and empower women and men dealing with divorce. 

T.H. Irwin

began her career at a boutique market research firm in NYC. After her separation and divorce, she pivoted and became Director of Experiential Events for USA Today. She scaled hyper-local, actual events to a national level before stepping back to reassess her priorities. 
In 2020, T.H. co-founded exEXPERTS, a free online resource to help women of all ages navigate their divorce. In addition, T.H. also works with non-profit organizations like the Center for Hope & Safety and United Breast Cancer Foundation.
T.H. is living her best life after a long journey and co-created exEXPERTS & Divorce make a difference in other people’s journeys through and beyond divorce.

Are you ready to embark on an adventure that'll leave you feeling balanced, peaceful, and revitalized? 

Join us for our 14-Day Divorce Reset Challenge journey and start the healing process now! 

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