<span style=color: rgb(35, 66, 84);><strong>2024 14-Day Journal Challenge</strong></span>

2024 14-Day Journal Challenge

Are you Ready to start the New Year with clarity and confidence?

Join the 14-Day Journaling Challenge and hit reset for the new year!

Starting TODAY, join thousands of others in a two-week journey of self-discovery, intention-setting, and transformation to begin 2024 clear, focused, and intense.

We'll provide you with everything:
  • 14 days of unique thought-provoking prompts
  • Practical tips for making journaling a daily self-care habit
  • Guided meditations for centering and grounding
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$29.00 - $68.97
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Journal and Water Bottle Bundle
Exclusive Journal and Water Bottle Bundle

What's Included:  
A beautifully crafted leather-bound journal designed to help YOU create the consistency you want in your life…it's time for you to write, set and keep the goals you want to achieve.

A 32 oz Water Bottle - simply fill it twice a day and you’ll hit your 64 ounce goal with no problem! PLUS it has a built-in fruit infuser. You can infuse your water with mint, lemon, lime, kiwi, berries - you name it! Drinking water has never been so tasty.

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