<span style=color:rgb(35,66,84);><strong>2023 Holiday Workout Challenge with Barbara Majeski</strong></span>

2023 Holiday Workout Challenge with Barbara Majeski

Experience true transformation with the world's #1 Accountability Expert, Global Curator of the Good Life, and Founder of The MORE Life Collective, Barbara Majeski!

Barbara is renowned for helping people achieve their best bodies and lives through her results-driven coaching programs and uplifting community.

From December 1st to December 24th, join Barbara's 2023  Holiday Workout Challenge to get fit, feel unstoppable, and rediscover your passion and purpose.

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What's Included:  
A beautifully crafted leather-bound journal designed to help YOU create the consistency you want in your life…it's time for you to write, set and keep the goals you want to achieve.

A 32 oz Water Bottle - simply fill it twice a day and you’ll hit your 64 ounce goal with no problem! PLUS it has a built-in fruit infuser. You can infuse your water with mint, lemon, lime, kiwi, berries - you name it! Drinking water has never been so tasty.

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