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14-Days, 10K Steps
Barbara Majeski
Take your health goals up a notch! 

Start with The MORE Life Collective 14-Day 10k Steps a Day Challenge! This challenge will take you on an exciting journey of getting healthier as each day encourages you to reach the 10,000 steps a day mark - there's no doubt it feels good to see that number flash across your smartwatch! 

You can walk on a treadmill, step in place at home, or go for a "coffee" walk with friends - anything closer to goals counts! 

With this challenge, not only do you get the added motivation, but you also become part of our community and receive support from others. You'll start feeling healthier than ever while having fun. A walk can completely change your mood for the better — and often has the power to turn around your day!  

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Take control of your well-being–one step at a time!
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